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Management System

Modern real estate management requires lots of automation and overall optimal technological approaches to keep everything stable and achieve the best results. In terms of such an increasingly developing field, it’s practically impossible to imagine efficient realty management without sufficient tools or, what’s better, a whole dedicated system.
The client that came to us to get exactly such a system perfectly realized the importance of digitalization in professional real estate management.

tenafy header
tenafy header

Client`s goals

The client we had a pleasure to work with manages about 50-60 realty objects in Hong Kong on a regular basis. The sphere of his management was becoming increasingly complex. Already using certain tools for keeping everything afloat, he was looking for an all-in-one solution that would accessibly combine and improve all his existing management capabilities.

tenafy challenge


Our ultimate task was to take a bunch of essential daily realty routine management capabilities the client had already been using and “cram” them into a single comprehensive system. From the very beginning, we had realized that there had to be lots of programming and design involved. That included basic software design, frontend/backend development, connection of database, modules and cloud services, etc.

tenafy challenge


We set things off by thoroughly analyzing all the tools the client and his staff had already been using in their daily property management. The resulted analysis had given us an idea of what major “pillar” components should be implemented, which included:

  • A tenant registration interface;
  • A tenant accommodation support interface;
  • A property and finance management interface.

All in all, we needed to represent these user journeys visually and functionally via an intuitive all-in-one interface. All of that, of course, had to be realized in the most accessible and high-performance way possible.

tenafy solution
tenafy solution


A module directly linked to Payments that automatically converts all invoices into income and calculates all transactions for displaying a detailed overall balance.

tenafy accouting
tenafy accounting-bottom


A convenient tracking interface for invoices and payments with filters and an ability to link separate transactions to particular contacts and lease records within the system.

tenafy Payments
tenafy pipline calendar


The client can easily add new properties and specify all the underlying info, including accommodation type, apartment size, bed size, floor plan, door code, WiFi password, inventory, etc.

tenafy property-bottom
tenafy property-bottomr


Once the deal with a tenant is made, this feature can be used to create a calendar-bound lease and initiate an automated email with all details on property, apartment, and lease a tenant gets before the check-in date.

tenafy leasing-main
tenafy leasing-left

Sales pipeline

A feature for subsequently moving a deal through a sales pipeline that helps to schedule apartment viewings by syncing up with Google calendar and sending tenants automated email notifications about upcoming visits.

tenafy pipline
tenafy pipline calendar


A special tenant management contact list where prospects can be registered as tenants for further monitoring and support or grouped for further marketing newsletter.

tenafy accouting
tenafy contacts


Based on the above essential component goals, we’d implemented the following management features one by one based on the specialized software system created from scratch.


A special tenant management contact list where prospects can be registered as tenants for further monitoring and support or grouped for further marketing newsletter.

Tech stack

We used a bunch of powerful frameworks, software tools, and technologies for a full-on management system development, namely, the following.



Sketch, InVision



typescript 2.5.3, Angular 5.2.0



PHP (Symfony)


Web server:




Languages: PHP 7.1, JavaScript



Symfony 3.4,
Angular 2



MySQL 5.7


3d-party implementations:

Google calendar sync


External modules:

DoctrineORM, FOSUser, FOSOAuth, AWS SDK


Cloud services:

Amazon S3, Amazon Rout53, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS

tenafy pipline


Tenafy is a custom management system that combines the powers of CRM, sales pipeline, property and room management, tracking of invoices and payments, and accounting capabilities. All this is accessed via convenient navigation to process contacts individually, group contacts, and keep all related data in check - all this and more in one solution.

Ultimately, Tenafy allows the client to avoid a huge number of human-factor mistakes due to the simple yet efficient interface and streamline the fundamental business processes. The system has already allowed the client to support 10% more properties without the need to hire any additional staff, which means to us that the job was well done


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