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AppForType allows editing and adding text to photos. It has a comprehensive set of titles and fonts available for purchase and it’s constantly expanding. Users can create inspirational images and share them on Instagram.


31 k active devices monthly


AppForType is featured in the Photo & Video category on App Store and has more than 500k downloads.


100 k active devices monthly


It`s a widespread app for Android platform. On Play Market it was downloaded more than 1 million times!

Our services

Add text to your photos. AppForType offers 750 writings for bloggers, travellers and lovers, as well as 54 fonts.

iOS and Android development


Admin dashboard for content management

App functionality

App functionality

  • Create collages

  • Write text with our fonts

  • Make your stories stand out

  • Upload your own titles

User experience

Useful tips to create your personal collage

Tutorials how to make cool visual effects

Gallery of presets to choose any collage that you appreciate

Main features

  • Attach stickers to your photos

  • Use designs from gallery

  • Download results on your phone

  • Export photos to Instagram


Used technologies

  • UIColor

  • CoreGraphics

  • CGFont

  • OpenGL (GLKit)

Make your own stickers

Make a photo of an object which you want to turn into a sticker. It can be anything around you: logo, sign or a picture.

Making own stickers

Circle borders of an object

You have to circle borders of an object to cut it from all picture. Then your picture will contain only an object which will be your sticker furher.

Borders of an object

It’s easy and nothing to do

Now the app will automatically create a sticker from your object. You can paint it into any color you want. Easy and nothing to do.


Use it everywhere

After you have created a sticker, it will be saved to the gallery of stickers. You can use them while you are creating a poster or anything else.

appfortype appfortype

Using stickers

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