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Real-Time Asset Visualization Tool for Rail and Road Vehicles

Our client is a market leader in the realm of internet access solutions, specifically tailored for rail and road transport vehicles. This front-runner in the industry amasses an array of traffic information and data that is pivotal in making key decisions within the transport sector.
The client entrusted us with a pivotal task – to develop a real-time asset-tracking platform. This tool was supposed to aim at visualizing intricate traffic data and transforming it into valuable, comprehensible insights for their clientele. Furthermore, this system was envisioned with an additional goal in mind - to drive customer engagement.

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At the beginning of our collaboration, we identified several key challenges that are aimed to address. By acknowledging and prioritizing these challenges, we were able to lay a strong foundation for our work.

Custom map view

Developing a custom map view that effectively showcases the client's brand and highlights the unique aspects of their product

High performance 

Ensuring high performance for the complex animations integrated into the web platform, while minimizing the impact on hardware load

Sophisticated feature

Finding an innovative approach to implement a sophisticated feature known as "connected hovering"



Seamless integration of various elements

We began our journey by prioritizing the user experience (UX) aspect. Given that the platform's main focus is on maps, it was crucial to ensure seamless integration of various elements such as graphs, train schedules, hardware performance, and other relevant information. Our aim was to create a cohesive and intuitive interface.


Map experience to the specific requirements

For the map component, we opted for Mapbox due to its versatility in terms of both user interface (UI) customization and viewing settings. This allowed us to tailor the map experience to meet the specific requirements of the project.


The iterative approach for all the desired features

In terms of performance optimization, we took an iterative approach. Once the core functionality was developed, we collaborated closely with the client to conduct comprehensive tests and identify areas for improvement. Subsequently, as we delivered all the desired features and the client had no further plans for expansion, we embarked on a focused refactoring phase. This meticulous process resulted in a remarkable 30% enhancement in performance.


Connected hovering – gathering data and linking specific data points

Lastly, let's delve into the most intricate feature: connected hovering. This feature involved gathering data from various API requests and linking specific data points based on time and location. Since the data points naturally had different coordinates and timestamps, we engaged in several brainstorming sessions with the client to devise an effective algorithm. Through our collective efforts, we successfully achieved seamless data integration and visually presented it on the dashboard.



Transport facility tracking

Transport facility tracking on the map

This feature enables users to see the locations of all transport facilities on an interactive map. It goes beyond mere display by providing comprehensive information and statistics through convenient and interactive graphs and charts.

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Transport facility view

Individual transport facility view

Users have the ability to track individual transport facilities in real time as well as explore their historical data. This feature allows for a detailed examination of specific transport units at any desired point in time.

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Connected hovering

Connected hovering

To gain deeper insights into hardware performance, users can utilize the connected hovering feature. By simply hovering over a specific point on a path, all relevant data points are highlighted on the graph, offering users a clear understanding of how the hardware performed at that particular location and time.

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Search functionality

Search functionality

The platform incorporates a powerful search functionality that empowers users to find specific assets swiftly. Additionally, users can access schedules and delve into historical data, providing them with a comprehensive view of relevant information.

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Tech Stack


Vue.js V3







Symfony (PHP)



We have successfully developed an advanced platform that not only empowers our client to gain invaluable insights into hardware performance but also enables enhancing services. In addition, this platform serves as a unique selling proposition, offering exceptional user engagement. The client has effectively utilized this tool to drive product sales to their customers.

Furthermore, our team's recent refactoring update has yielded remarkable results, boosting the platform's performance by an impressive 30%.

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