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Top Development Partner 2020

Top Development Partner 2020 In Ukraine 2020 By Clutch!

Upwork Ukraine Award

Upwork Ukraine Award: Best Agency 2019 in Kharkiv, UA

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DBA Fitness

The DBA fitness provides access to a community of trainers and coaches who specialize in several categories ranging from bodybuilding to powerlifting, athletic coaching to yoga instruction.

These fitness experts prepared a set of customized programs in each category to fit the needs and goals of each individual client. The programs come with day by day training, nutrition, and supplement regiments in an easy to follow format. Video and text descriptions are included in each program to eliminate any and all confusion.


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Cecil Development Company (CDC) is creating the Internet of Animals (IoA), the world’s first decentralized platform leveraging blockchain, IoT and other emerging technologies dedicated to improving the safety and wellbeing of animals around the globe.

Requestum team is responsible for mobile apps for creating Animal Digital Identities (ADIs) to leverage the tracking, tracing and transacting of animals in the new digital economy.

Strategic Partnership

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Requestum has partnered with Cecil Alliance Foundation, an innovative project focused on building a global standard of animal data. As a technology partner, we help the Alliance to fulfill the idea of a one-stop platform for collecting and transmitting animal data on the blockchain. The ultimate goal of the project is to advance animal welfare and species conservation.

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Engineering team

We are committed to ensure quality in detail and provide meaningful impact for customers’ business and audience.

Sergey image

Sergey Stavichenko


Eugene image

Eugene Cherkashin

Lead Drupal developer

Alexandr image

Alex Kovalov

Lead iOS developer

Bogdan image

Bogdan Skrypnyk

Lead UI/ux Designer

Strelkov image

Andrey Streltsov

Lead front end developer

Dima image

Dmitro Boiko

Lead Android developer

Sergey image

Danil Kelembet

Lead qa Engineer

Andrey image

Blond Andrey

Lead Sales manager

What Our Customers Say

Danny picture

Vincent McElwain

CEO, Jalopy

Requestum impressed with their customer-first ethos and dependability, provided great design and strong code. In particular, the updated UX/UI ensured that users associated the brand with a positive, easy-to-use experience.
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What Our Customers Say

Ruairidh Galbraith picture

Ruairidh Galbraith

Digital project manager, Uncommon Knowledge

The team at Requestum is very friendly, efficient and professional. We have worked with them on more than one occasion and are very pleased with the quality of service. So far we’ve made back the money that we spent in less than eight months of launching.
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What Our Customers Say

Gianbruno Torrano picture

Gianbruno Torrano

Vice President, Soft-net Sp. Z o.o.

The team is readily available and regularly checks in. Their responsive nature sets them apart and supplements continued engagement. Requestum has facilitated a positive customer experience by understanding the requirements and successfully implementing a number of complex backend functionalities.
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What Our Customers Say

Cory Yates picture

Cory Yates

CEO, Recruiting Analytics

Their level of professionalism and responsiveness separates them from other suppliers. The developers’ level of sophistication of the tools and algorithms they bring to the market is also impressive.
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We are committed to ensure quality in detail and provide meaningful impact for customers’ business and audience.

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