Platform that Facilitates Home Services Management

Currently, there exist numerous solutions that help people easily find home service specialists of any skill, from electricians, gardeners to plumbers, or even roofers. But the market lacks management tools that allow these specialists to manage their business appropriately so that can improve the quality of their services. So, there is a need for the digitalization of this business niche. We’ve been working on the platform that appeared to make home service easy for everyone.


Project challenge

Project challenge

The client from Canada reached out to the Requestum with the query to create an MVP of a home service management platform. We needed to come up with handy functionality while it had to be really easy to navigate. Also, we had to come up with the most basic functionality that will start bringing value from the first day of using the app. We needed to be guided by MVP principles and not overcomplicate the product with a big number of features.

MVP of a home service management platform

Handy functionality with easy to navigate interface

The most valuable core functionality



We suggested involving potential customers in our workshop sessions. And it has yielded excellent results! After several brainstorming sessions with the client and potential users, we were ready with the initial set of features that had to resolve the most pressing problems. Besides, we decided to start mobile-first. It was essential as most of the time, users will spend on the side so basically, they will need to manage everything from their mobile devices.

iPhone iPhone

Core Features

Core Features

Based on the above essential component goals, we implemented the following management features.

Manage team

There are a lot of small home service companies that can consist of several employees so it was important to add several team members under one company


Clients Module

One company or a specialist can have up to 500 clients and due to the nature of service, there might be a significant interval between several service operations. It is impossible to remember everyone and what actually was done. The client module allows the creation of a client


This is the core feature of the platform as it allows managing the task from request, while it’s in progress and until completion.



Preparing proposals is another time-consuming task for home service providers. Usually, it was handled somewhere in excel so it wasn’t convenient to use on mobile devices, that’s why specialists had to write down everything on paper and only later when in the office - prepare the quote. That's why we created easy-to-use functionality that can be easily handled right on-site.


A convenient tracking interface for invoices, it facilitates invoicing for home service providers, saving hours of billing work every week.



Payments to employees are also a frequent issue that home service providers face. The module allows management and control of the timesheets of all specialists to keep the job on track and profitable.

Document management

Document flow is an integral part of the interaction of specialists with their clients, from photos from the field to blueprints. The user has to send dozens of different materials each day and it requires appropriate management.

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Here is the stack of technologies we used.









As a result, we created an all-in-one solution for home service providers in Canada that allowed them to manage their business right on-site. The platform helps home service providers to fine-tune work processes and keep getting even better as it optimizes the routes, customers receive automatic appointment reminders, and crews always have the job details they need in their app. Besides, it helps to significantly improve customer satisfaction and experience. We are happy to contribute to home services management digitalization.

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