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Growing Trend of Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development

Custom real estate CRM software can provide a significant advantage in today's fast-paced market. This article explores how custom real estate CRM software development can transform your business.

Custom real estate CRM software


Dmitry Boyko, Android Team Lead

Dmitry Boyko,
Android Team Lead

Dmitry Boyko, Android Team Lead

Dmitry has years of experience in the architecture and development of applications with millions of downloads on Google Play. His golden rule is to stick to the material design and he never strays from it.

Today, each business requires an adequately customized CRM system to facilitate its everyday workflow and promote its development. There are dozens of ready-made CRMs on the web with all the needed solutions for business duties management and arranging regular communication with clients and inside the company.

But, considering the variety of niches companies work in, each needs a unique strategy and business plan to control their functionality and have their brand identity. So, applying the right approach for custom real estate CRM software development plays a significant role in preserving business uniqueness and specifications by maintaining its consistency and flexibility to the changing market trends.

Latest trends related to real estate CRM sortware

With the constantly growing real estate market, client relationship management software is an irreplaceable solution to satisfy customers' needs, arrange and analyze a ton of databases by keeping relevant, up-to-date information and sharing it between agents. CRM systems for real estate are an efficient way to support a company's activity and boost its production and sales.

What Is CRM in Real Estate?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) stands as a pivotal tool that enables professionals to cultivate and maintain meaningful connections with their clientele. Far beyond a mere contact repository, CRM in real estate integrates a variety of functionalities tailored to manage interactions, streamline operations, and enhance client engagement throughout the property buying or selling journey. It serves as a platform for tracking leads, organizing property listings, automating marketing campaigns, and facilitating communication, thereby acting as the operational core for agents and agencies alike.

By leveraging CRM software for real estate, businesses can offer personalized experiences, optimize their processes, and harness data insights for strategic decision-making, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction and improved sales outcomes.

Core Real Estate CRM Features

Real estate CRM software streamlines operations by offering a suite of essential features tailored for the industry's unique needs:

  • Dashboard: Provides a snapshot of key performance indicators, enabling owners, agents, and managers to monitor closed deals, commissions, sales stages, and more. This central feature ensures all users, depending on their role, access relevant data and reports.

  • Lead management page: A core component of CRM software for the real estate industry. This feature allows agents to capture and organize leads from various channels into one system. Agents can then assign and track these leads through different stages of the sales funnel.

  • Deal management page: Facilitates the progression of qualified leads to active deals. Agents can create, sort, and filter deals based on various criteria, enhancing efficiency. The system supports multiple pipelines for a visual representation of the sales process, accommodating deals from different sources.

  • Contact management page: Essential for maintaining a database of all individuals and companies interacting with the firm. This feature allows for the creation, editing, and deletion of contacts, with capabilities for bulk actions and seamless integration with email systems for automatic contact creation.

  • Filtering and sorting: Both deals and contacts can be easily managed through intuitive filtering and sorting options, making it straightforward to navigate through large volumes of data.

  • Contact page: Offers detailed views of a contact, including communication history, social media profile, and related tasks, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of client needs and interactions.

  • Tagging system: Enables users to categorize contacts with tags based on specific criteria such as location, property type, and budget, further streamlining client management.

  • Project management page: Assists in overseeing business processes by allowing the creation and assignment of tasks, enhancing collaboration and ensuring that all team members are aligned on their objectives.

  • Invoicing and billing: A vital feature for managing financial transactions, with capabilities to create and store invoices and bills, ensuring smooth operational flow.

  • Reporting: Generates valuable insights into sales and marketing performance, customizable to fit the business's reporting needs.

  • Communication page: Centralizes email communications within the CRM, enabling agents to send emails, schedule follow-ups, and track email engagement without leaving the platform.

  • Listing management page: Allows agents to post property listings to multiple platforms from a single interface, streamlining the marketing process.

  • Notifications: Keeps users informed of important activities and milestones through timely alerts.

  • Integrations: CRM for the real estate integrates with MLS, email, calendars, and social media, enhancing functionality and providing a holistic tool for managing all aspects of real estate operations.

How Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development Benefits the Industry?

If you're a fast-growing prospective real estate agency with a gradually increasing customer base, choosing a high-functionality CRM platform is a must for your business. Getting in touch with thousands of clients each day may seem like it could be more transparent and more manageable for real estate agents. Thus, applying a full-featured real estate CRM system will assist businesses in tracking their performance without losing a client accidentally.

So, how highly personalized CRM will promote real estate agents' everyday duties?

  • Realtors can craft a unique client database with particular filters considering various parameters;
  • They can gather the necessary information instantly with several clicks;
  • Via a well-built client, profile agents will manage to meet their requests;
  • They'll provide automatized services by vouching for instant response;
  • Realtors will have the possibility to track their company performance, drive conversions and monitor sales rates;
  • There's a chance to assess poor business performance by analyzing relevant metrics and mitigating risks

If you are still deciding what type of CRM platform to implement for your real estate company, consider the following points before choosing a suitable option. If you're a young small real estate agency, a ready-made platform will be enough to manage the entire business process.

How to select the right real estate CRM software

If your company has a big budget, several departments, and an extensive team of agents, a custom CRM solution is perfect for you. Additionally, it'll also save your business identity and consistency.

Perks of Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development

Such a CRM platform will bring almost unlimited opportunities for real estate businesses that want to resolve specific issues to improve their proficiency. If you strive to save your authenticity and avoid standard solutions, then custom development of real estate CRM is a perfect option for your case.

A customized CRM presents a practical design that improves business productivity. What does it mean? Since the full range of processes is managed through elaborate CRM software, a company can focus on crafting a client-centered website, creating UX content, optimizing its loading time, and adjusting it to different devices. Thus, one-of-a-kind custom CRM solutions will satisfy the needs of big-name real estate agencies with stable customer flow and sales growth.

Custom CRM development will resonate with the targeted audience's preferences and meet your business intentions. To get a perfectly matching CRM for your real estate company, it's essential to determine a state of a stack of features you want to include in your CRM program. For instance, you can add such modules as:

  • Managing contacts involves tracking all communication with the possibility of creating samples for particular cases;
  • Document management relieves you from excessive paperwork by enabling you to collect all documentation in one place and share it with partners and clients;
  • Automating marketing strategy to regulate the company's activity and interaction with clients to engage them in your business processes and perform strong marketing campaigns. It includes adjusting automatic email notifications, scheduling them, and getting analytics;
  • Integrating third-party software for the faster and more effective flow of your business

Solving Business Tasks at Ease: Get to Know Requestum Bold Solutions for Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development

Suppose you want to distinguish your real estate business from other agencies in the niche with exceptional perks for clients. In that case, Requestum company will become a helping hand for your business run and tailoring a one-of-a-kind CRM. By offering you a personalized vision for software development, you'll succeed in resolving any business queries with the help of the Requestum consolidated team.

The company has already been working on 58 projects by tailoring all-inclusive CRM systems to automate business performance and involve more clients. Let's show some samples of the most interesting cases:

  • MustangChain: Requestum development geeks crafted mobile apps for Cecil Alliance for displaying Animal Digital Identities to guarantee animal welfare around the globe by collecting the needed data with the help of blockchain technology;
  • Mamatalk: the company tailored a Tinder-like application to help mothers communicate and share their experiences worldwide;
  • AppForType: with this app, users can add texts, stickers, and logos or make their designs to improve their photos and images

To gain the target, CRM system developers analyze your market and current challenges first to define what can be improved, which business processes to automate to get more customers, and, at the same time, present your services and unique vision of the real estate industry management.

Why Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development from Scratch is Worth Trying?

Suppose you're ready to spend money on reliable strategy implementation and building a personalized CRM system targeting your public. In that case, the Requestum team will quickly manage your processes to gain outstanding results.

Every business owner has heard about numerous standard real estate CRM systems: Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Salesforce, Hub spot, Oracle NetSuite, and so on. However, most of them need help to fully outline client relationships and partnership networks, making them more suitable for small ventures.

On the contrary, a well-balanced custom real estate CRM will assess business on multiple levels and cover the fundamental aspects of the client's services. Thus, Requestum provides real estate companies with a complete package of custom real estate CRM software development that involves:

  • Automating marketing, sales, and services to optimize business communication channels with the audience means adjusting smooth operational CRM workflow;
  • Providing analytical custom CRM to monetize clients base;
  • Improving the quality of services and customers' interaction with your company via all possible channels by guaranteeing stable client experience management;
  • Consider clients' loyalty programs to make your business more attractive to the audience;
  • Timely and proper targeting to strengthen customer communication with your real estate agents

The Cost of Custom Real Estate CRM Software Development: Investing in Your Business Future

A well-considered CRM system explicitly adjusted to your business needs will be costly but won't eat up the whole budget. To create a competitive real estate service, it's crucial to mix your functionality, including marketing, sales, and customer interaction management.

Then, the next step is to adjust the CRM structure and layout to make it comfortable for clients and easily manageable for you too. The final cost of a CRM system will be defined by considering such points as software design, fixing cloud services, database connection, front, and back-end development, and choosing appropriate modules for the final CRM upgrade.

So, you'll undoubtedly get your business intentions with elaborately designed software and implementing a custom CRM solution that combines sales, leads, and property management, tracking finances, and well-tuned services flow.

Final Words

Custom real estate CRM software development is a valuable investment for any real estate business looking to stay ahead in today's competitive market. From automating tedious tasks to improving communication and collaboration, custom CRM solutions offer a personalized user experience and valuable insights into business operations. By choosing a custom CRM solution, you can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

If you are looking to take your real estate business to the next level, consider investing in custom real estate CRM software development. Contact us to learn more about custom real estate CRM solutions and how they can benefit your business.



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