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How to Establish a Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Welcome to the realm of Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms - a revolution in property investment. This guide, filled with insights, step-by-step instructions, and strategic advice, will help you navigate the process. Let's dive in!

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform


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Max Logvinenko, Solution Architect, Backend Team Lead

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of property investment, there's a new player that's making waves—real estate crowdfunding platforms. It's an enticing prospect; enabling individuals from all walks of life to participate in big-ticket real estate investments, democratizing a domain that was once the preserve of the affluent.

But how do you get started on creating such a platform? This comprehensive guide will demystify how to start a real estate crowdfunding platform, providing the essential insights, steps, and strategies you need to launch a successful real estate crowdfunding platform. Whether you're a real estate mogul, a tech entrepreneur, or an innovation enthusiast, buckle up, and let's embark on an exciting journey of creating new opportunities in the property investment world.

Definition of Real Estate Crowdfunding

Property fundraising has become the best way to deal with the inflation rate. It is usually processed online to enable higher accessibility. It offers investors to join financial initiatives with a much lower buy-in. It also provides the flexibility of on-demand exit tactics which don’t require the exit upon project completion.

Worldwide real estate crowdfunding is projected to hit $250 billion by the end of 2030. This prediction relies on growing social awareness and reasonable legislative norms. The integration of blockchain is the next thing to bolster market expansion soon.

real estate crowdfunding market


Each country has a responsible legislative body that manages real estate crowdfunding. It defines the guidelines for domestic and international investors. Also, it supports the development of legal platforms to bolster the market performance. Being the primary regulators in the USA and the UK, Investment Savings Accounts (ISAs) generate numerous opportunities for those who want to benefit from property crowdfunding projects.

Pros and cons

Before committing finances to property fundraising, make sure you keep your expectations adequate. This type of investment has its ups and downs.


  • Larger dividends in a short period;
  • Easy access to small and large capital;
  • Opportunity to diversify and expand a financial portfolio;
  • Access to unique property offerings;
  • Minimal upfront and ongoing investment needs;
  • A great promotional instrument for business owners;
  • An effective way to build investor loyalty


  • Extra charge for investment management and/or advisory;
  • Pre-determined investment limits;
  • No immediate return on investment;
  • Poor control of the property invested into;
  • Mandatory taxes on received dividends

Two Key Types of Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

If you are a stockholder, you may want to boost your capital without taking much action. This is the reason to create a crowdfunding platform from scratch. Feel free to pick one of these formats:


Random investors make donations willingly, without expecting any financial rewards. When a group of investors wants to donate something to someone in need, they are free to do so. In this case, fundraising serves as a source for collecting funds for charitable purposes.


Investors make donations to obtain clearly stated rewards and bonuses. It gives creators the freedom to make independent decisions and initiate large projects. Rewards typically have something to do with fundraising products. Interestingly, the more cash is put into the fund, the larger the available reward. Those who donate more than others can expect additional bonuses for their commitment.

Types of real estate crowdfunding platforms

Key Attributes of a Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Now that you know about the new funding opportunity, you may want to try it in practice. Before you learn how to start a crowdfunding platform, you need to know the primary attributes to focus on.

Available initiatives

The official projects open for fundraising should come up with the following components:

  • A small description;
  • A property’s photo;
  • An investment potential;
  • A property’s location;
  • A developer’s name;
  • A potential return;
  • An approximate holding duration, etc

Sign-up and sign-in

All parties involved should be able to authorize their profiles. This usually can be done through social media and/or email. After specifying a few personal details, it is important to complete a two-factor authentication procedure for safety purposes.

Account management

Easy navigation is one of the primary factors that affect the user’s experience. When you learn how to create a crowdfunding platform, you should keep things smooth to avoid any confusion. What is going on with the fundraising initiative? How much funding has been accumulated? Who made payments? What is the deadline? The answers to the questions should be easily found on the real estate website. For more convenience, some analytics instruments may be required to perceive numbers and raw data.

Investor requirements

Being the target market, unaccredited stockholders are obliged to meet particular requirements to proceed with property-related operations. You should specify those on a separate page or in FAQs. Also, it might be useful to explain the legislation related to the real estate segment and business proceedings with unauthorized stockholders.

Online banking

A platform should be linked with a banking mechanism or payment gateway to enable seamless financial transactions. A safe connection between a bank account and the investor's credit card is an absolute must. It becomes easy to validate the customer’s profile, guarantee sufficient funding, and manage sensitive data securely.

As for withdrawals, there are two types of returns you could expect. Here they are:

  • Dividend – The profits made on a long-term basis like home rentals.
  • Appreciation – The increase in property’s value in a certain period.

AML/KYC assessments

The average real estate crowdfunding platform should concentrate on personal verification and revenue fixation. Companies that deliver financing services to unauthorized investors implement AML/KYC control by asking them to provide some confidential information f(security number, stable revenue, bank report, and so on).

Customer service

Investors should be able to receive any kind of assistance. A chatbot is probably the most popular contact option, although it’s not the most effective. Automatic replies are good for common questions during regular business hours. Using email makes more sense for more complex inquiries handled within 24 hours. Whatever contact channels you integrate, make sure they are fully functional.

examples of real estate crowdfunding platforms

How to Create a Crowdfunding Platform?

Once you are ready to establish a competitive environment for real estate businesses, you should get down to work. For a better result, make sure to keep the production process seamless. When starting a crowdfunding platform, take the following steps:

Strategic intent

You need to analyze the market and the target customer (demographics). Based on the collected data, you generate a clear idea of the interface and the features.

UI/UX concept

When it comes to real estate crowdfunding, it automatically means a great data flow, including active projects, financing capabilities, and an online calculator. Accumulating this information in one place makes the content difficult to perceive. This is why building an elegant yet clear visual concept is an absolute must.

Innovative approach

Crowdfunding real estate development requires some technical knowledge and skills. Professional real estate software development services may be needed to make the process smooth. At this point, implementing the right visual, technical, and functional features is important for making the platform a solid choice.

Official launch

Once the technical process is finalized, all parties should check the legislative frameworks in their region and the region of business coverage. If all look good, the platform can be launched via search engines and/or digital marketplaces. This usually comes with post-development inspections.


Real estate crowdfunding has become a good alternative to more traditional means of financial support. Utilized effectively, it can support social initiatives that make a real impact on your community while also providing financial returns. As this is a newer trend, feel free to learn how to create a crowdfunding platform for those looking to make investments and receive funding. Remember, you can always contact us for help with the development process.



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