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Live Stream Video Analysis with Computer Vision: Use in Business

Want to learn how to use AI for live stream analysis? Read this article to find out how beneficial this technology can be for your company’s productivity!

live stream video analysis with computer vision


Dmitry Boyko, Android Team Lead

Andrii Blond,
Project Analyst & Business Development Manager

Andrii Blond, Project Analyst & Business Development Manager

Andriy heard tens of thousands of ideas for projects from clients and has turned many projects into successful products. He knows exactly how to identify competitive advantages to prioritize first-release functionality.

AI In Business: Live Stream Video Analysis

Nowadays, the number of companies introducing artificial intelligence into their business models is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, many financial and marketing experts claim that this technology can revolutionize the global market. According to their forecast, the market share of AI in 2027 will reach $267 billion.

The immense computational abilities of AI are often used for video analysis. By entirely removing the human intervention factor, it allows business owners to gather and examine their video feed data. Thus, in this article, we will define how AI streaming can influence today's business practices.

Real Time Video Processingin 2020

According to Gartner, only 10% of companies worldwide were using AI for marketing and commercial purposes. Due to the rapid technological advancement in recent years, their quantity was increased up to 37% in 2019.

Gartner statistics

One of the main reasons behind this revolutionary technology's popularity is an improvement of the customers’ experience. Nevertheless, AI has many other applications that are no less beneficial for every business owner.

Some key benefits of using artificial intelligence:

  • the automation of tedious and mundane tasks;
  • improving the efficiency of various departments;
  • simplify the decision-making process;
  • the precise segmentation of the target audience.

There are multiple video content analysis software solutions for every possible purpose. For example, cctv analytics can discern potential security threats and immediately notify the operator about them. The real-time video analysis was greatly improved by the use of AI as well. By utilizing a massive number of complex algorithms, it can successfully analyze numerous feeds at once at the same time.

In turn, detecting objects in motion and recognizing emotions became possible on a massive scale with outstanding accuracy. Thus, AI allows business owners to optimize and analyze the data gathered from their video feed with the utmost effectiveness.

benefits of using AI

Here are some benefits that real time video monitoring can offer:

  • better segmentation of the target audience;
  • improved understanding of the clients’ needs;
  • automatization of mundane tasks;
  • tightened security;
  • employee attendance checking;
  • quick reaction in case of emergency;
  • evaluation of customer satisfaction;
  • personal identification of each client, etc.

For example, Facebook is using AI for its DeepFace facial recognition system. But you do not have to be an owner of a huge corporation to use similar systems to develop your business! Our experts had arranged a small list of some useful APIs that you can use to see how beneficial AI would be for your company!

APIs that can be used for cheap but effective video analysis:

AI deep learning video analysis

The immense self-learning ability of artificial intelligence had revolutionized the companies’ approach towards vision analytics. The further implementation of deep neural networks made advanced computer vision video analytics possible.

This technology will soon be used for encoding, distributing, and organizing data on a global scale. Moreover, AI will significantly influence the streaming industry by detecting illegal content and defining potential copyright infringement.

AI deep learning video analysis

How to use AI for live stream analysis

In recent years, the popularity of AI streaming technology is skyrocketing due to its enormous learning and analytical capabilities. Thus, a considerable number of large-scale business enterprises are using it for monitoring and managing their content. Moreover, there are many AI software solutions made for censorship and content moderation. Considering how popular and accessible many modern streaming platforms are, these utilities are essential for effective streaming platform management.

We believe that automatic real-time moderation of content through technological censorship will soon entirely replace manual monitoring. According to our experience, this method is immensely cost-effective and requires minimal human interference. Besides, AI can analyze the video in real-time for potential copyright guidelines violations. Also, automatic identification and metadata extraction help to identify and delete explicit content.

using AI for live stream amalysis

Furthermore, many streaming services are using AI for content indexing is improving the overall user experience. Also, AI streaming software made the video encoding process more effective to ensure consistent content quality.

Video Content Analysis & Real Time Video Processing

Many industries have successfully implemented intelligent video analytics. Thus, we decided to briefly explain how beneficial the use of AI can be.


This industry is one of the leaders in the funding of video surveillance solutions. Artificial intelligence surveillance systems are of huge help in preventing infant abduction, drug theft, and insurance fraud. Computational analytics also reduces the amount of time the patient spends in the emergency ward.

For example, the University of Buffalo has developed a software application that can effectively detect autism in children. It analyzes the face and the child's attention by displaying various social pictures. The way their eyes move can help to determine their condition. The eye movement of a child with and without autism has a distinct difference.


Two of the most well-known artificial intelligence applications for security purposes are face and license plate recognition software. These systems can identify specific people and vehicles in real-time or after the analysis of the saved records.

During the current pandemic, intelligent video analytics software systems in shopping malls determine the required quantity of customers per square meter or in the entire building. Alternatively, airports are using this system to detect potential trespassers automatically.

An excellent example of a successful implementation of a real time computer vision technology is the Brondby Football Club. They were the first to use facial recognition technology in stadiums to ensure both players' and visitors' safety. This system automatically detects those fans who are prohibited from attending matches and immediately notifies the security personnel.


Many municipalities worldwide are using intelligent video analytics for efficient traffic management. It can collect detailed data on every traffic violation type, including the perpetrator's car license plate. Moreover, this system is able to distinguish different types of vehicles with ease.

Smart city

All collected data is thoroughly analyzed by AI algorithms and sent to the city's Department of Transport.


In recent years, advanced video analytics software has become an essential part of every retail business. By utilizing this technology, marketing managers can effectively analyze the needs of a brand's target audience. In 2020, many AI algorithms can define each specific customer's unique characteristics, such as their gender and age. Besides, this technology is immensely useful for a quick and efficient calculation of various marketing metrics.

Marine Layer is a prime example of a brand that has successfully implemented intelligent video analytics solutions in its business model. Using artificial intelligence, this company had managed to improve its stores' conversion rate and build an effective business strategy.

Video content analysis can be done in two ways. You can use a dedicated system to provide various notifications for your employees in real-time or analyze it in post-processing with deep learning video analysis.

Video on demand

According to Mordor Intelligence data, the market share of VOD in 2025 will reach $121 billion with an average annual growth rate of 13.5%. Thus, it is evident that video surveillance analytics software has a huge potential for success in the global market.

The use of AI for video-on-demand is currently shaping the future of today’s entertainment industry. It allows businesses and advertisers to analyze and create content according to the interests of the audience. There are also more R&D and manufacturing operations emerging based on feedback from the target audience.

Live streaming

Live streaming is becoming increasingly popular in today’s entertainment industry. It can be used for video chats, interactive games, streaming drones, and more. Also, AI is often used for streaming sports matches, educational events, and user-generated content.

How to Choose a Professional AI Development Team?

Every artificial intelligence professional must have a high level of programming expertise and extensive experience with data science. Moreover, they must have an expert level of knowledge on both machine and deep learning.

AI development team

The qualities your team members need to have to work with AI:

  • Be proficient in Python, C / C ++, Java;
  • Be able to analyze the received data and make decisions accordingly;
  • Build machine learning models;
  • Use neural networks to solve practical problems;
  • Understand how neural networks and computer vision work;
  • Have the ability to work with databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite3) and libraries (Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas) professionally.

Moreover, your team has to know how to integrate AI into any business model with various frameworks.

The most popular frameworks today are:

The ideal option for integrating artificial intelligence into your marketing strategy would be to hire a dedicated team of professionals.

Requestum helps business owners improve their company's efficiency and meet their customers’ needs by providing expert AI solutions! Our company is famous for its software development and flawless business analytics. Our employees know how to transform data science into metrics that would significantly influence your success!



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