13, Feb 2024

MySyla: A Technological Beacon of Hope for Ukrainians in Crisis

In the face of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, millions of people are in dire need of assistance and safety. MySyla project has emerged as a beacon of hope, leveraging the power of technology to provide crucial aid and support to those affected.

MySyla story


Dmitry Boyko, Android Team Lead

Andrii Blond,
Project Analyst & Business Development Manager

Andrii Blond, Project Analyst & Business Development Manager

Andriy heard tens of thousands of ideas for projects from clients and has turned many projects into successful products. He knows exactly how to identify competitive advantages to prioritize first-release functionality.

In today's world, technology plays a pivotal role in shaping our responses to global challenges. Against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, where millions are in dire need of assistance, the MySyla project emerges as a testament to how digital innovation can be harnessed for humanitarian aid. This article explores the journey of MySyla, a platform designed to support Ukrainians during these trying times, and how Requestum's expertise brought this vision to life, offering a glimpse into the future of technology-driven aid.

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The Project Mission

From the outset, MySyla's mission was clear: to create a digital haven where Ukrainians could find essential resources needed in wartime. More than just a platform for locating food, shelter, or medical aid, MySyla aimed to be a secure space where the well-being of users and safeguarding critical infrastructure were top priorities. Our goal was to ensure that users could easily access what they needed, when they needed it, with the utmost privacy.

A United Effort for a Broader Impact

The joint effort with the AI for Good Foundation greatly enhanced the project's impact. AI for Good Foundation brought its expertise in harnessing technology for societal benefits, especially in times of crisis. This partnership ensured that MySyla became a community-centric platform that resonated with the people it was designed to help.

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The Development Journey

Requestum's approach to building MySyla was comprehensive and methodical, starting with an extensive Discovery Phase that led to the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The success of the MVP was a critical milestone, paving the way for continuous enhancements and a commitment from a dedicated team to the ongoing evolution of the platform.

"Our work on the MySyla project showcases the remarkable impact of combining technology with humanitarian goals. At Requestum, we're proud to contribute our expertise to a project that provides essential support to Ukrainians in crisis. MySyla is a testament to the huge potential of digital solutions to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those facing challenge." - Dmitry Butyrin, Chief Executive Officer of Requestum

Key Features of the Platform

MySyla platform is equipped with features tailored to meet the immediate needs of its users:

  • End-User Application: Users can securely register and authenticate their accounts, gaining access to essential supplies and information.

  • Admin Panel Module: Integrating a CRM system, the admin panel allows for effective content management, ensuring the platform's accuracy and relevance.

Navigating Challenges with Innovation

The path to developing MySyla was fraught with unique challenges, particularly due to the complexities of operating in a conflict zone. Requestum's strategic response involved constructing MySyla on three foundational pillars:

Real-time matching

It was important to enable users to quickly locate necessary resources or request assistance, reducing response times in critical situations.

Accurate information collection

We need to engage a network of humanitarian workers to ensure a steady flow of up-to-date information from various local sources.

Advanced security ecosystem

The implementation of top-tier encryption and identity verification to safeguard sensitive civilian data was crucial.

Fundamental pillars of MySyla

The Impact of MySyla

MySyla's multi-tiered user system ensures efficient content management, keeping the platform a reliable source of essential information and resources. This design allows users to efficiently find safe locations and vital resources.

Feedback from the client

“Requestum works more efficiently during a war than most other teams work in peacetime. The quality of development work is excellent on all fronts. Despite setbacks with the team needing to move around the country to stay safe, air raid sirens, and Internet outages, the team has never missed a deadline or gone a day without finding a way to communicate. Requestum genuinely cared about making sure the final product was exactly what was needed. The team improved the features in ways that we could never have come up with ourselves. They obviously enjoy working together, and have created an excellent team spirit and work ethos.”


The success of MySyla underlines the undoubted power of technology in crises. It highlights the importance of collaboration among tech companies, non-profits, and communities in creating solutions that not only meet immediate needs but also build resilience and hope. MySyla's journey is a testament to innovation in the face of adversity, proving that technology can forge paths to a future.



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