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Primary Fleet Management Software Features

Among the most popular solutions entrepreneurs apply, specialists highlight specific apps for vehicle park control.

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According to Statista, the global fleet management market increased from $13.78 billion in 2017 to $26.66 bln in 2022. Our experts explain this through the intensive growth of the logistics branch as well as the sales and services spheres. So, such industries become more complex to manage. Therefore, business owners should apply certain concepts to deal with that. Among the most popular solutions entrepreneurs apply, specialists highlight specific apps for vehicle park control. statisticsSource

Experts recommend ordering fleet management software development from trustworthy companies such as Requestum. Otherwise, business owners risk receiving a poor-quality digital product overpriced. Moreover, doubtful development organizations hardly have enough qualified specialists to consider all key peculiarities of the vehicle park controlling industry. Consequently, apps made by such teams may even harm their businesses.

What Is Fleet Management Software?

Such applications (also called FMS) are based on a cloud technology that makes it easier for enterprises to track and control all technicians, vehicles, as well as drivers. In fact, the mentioned software allows performing the specified operations by applying a single multi-component app.


So, using the specified digital services, vehicle parks' owners and managers may monitor in real-time, e.g.:

  • actual vehicles' locations as well as route direction by applying GPS tracking;
  • drivers' hours of service (HOC);
  • door opening, together with current temperature, speed, as well as fuel level;
  • trailer and reefer control.

Generally, each functional module can include numerous options that provide business owners, as well as managers, with all-inclusive information within a certain process.

Main Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Under GMI, the vehicle park control sphere develops rapidly in all parts of Earth. Our experts say that's because of FMS use. The latter offers numerous advantages for entrepreneurs and managers. global fleet management market size Source

Initially, it's worth noting the simplicity of such software. However, this is true only if qualified specialists create an app. For example, our specialists make FMS with easy-to-navigate interfaces. So, users may shortly learn an application. But let's look at the other benefits of the described software.

Reduced Operation and Labor Costs

This is because FMS allows for automating of routine operations as well as optimizing logistics. So, vehicle parks spend less time planning key working procedures and fewer funds within a workflow.

Improved Сhauffeurs' Performance as One of the Essential Fleet Management Software Features

FMS assists in tracking particular trucks' speeds, driving patterns (cornering, sharp braking, or idling), and vehicle conditions. Such options help improve drivers' skills. And experienced drivers are less likely to get into an accident as well as spend less fuel.

Increased Drivers' Safety

The described apps allow, for example, ensuring that drivers take well-timed rests thanks to clocking driving time automatically. Also, managers may remotely assess certain chauffeurs' behavior to reward safe ones and amer those who don’t follow the schedule.

Real-Time Updates and Insights

Managers may track the route correctness and other options when applying FMS. This allows business owners to solve different problems that appear on a vehicle's way. So, managers can, e.g., change the route or advise a driver of a repair service in case of a truck breakdown.

Fuel Consumption Optimization

Using FSM, business owners receive real-time and past data on their vehicles' fuel expenditure and CO2 emissions. So, they can turn the obtained data into actionable steps to make driving greener as well as less costly.

Fraud and Cargo Theft Prevention

Among the most helpful FMS peculiarities, specialists note real-time GPS tracking. Thus, managers know about all their cars' stoppings and deviations from the routes. This makes it too hard to steal cargo or perform some other fraud.

Must-Have Fleet Management System Features

About 62% of such software users report a positive ROI. However, this is true only if applications contain the proper functions. Under our team's experience, the right options' presence may significantly increase business profitability.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Our experts consider the specified feature the backbone of an efficient fleet management system. This option enables businesses to raise productivity, reduce theft operating costs, as well as safety.

Remote Fuel Management

Using this option, business owners obtain automatic real-time data about possible petrol leaks and theft cases. This assists in preventing negative risks that affect income along with client satisfaction.

As a part of applying fleet fuel management function, entrepreneurs can set alarms that display warnings each time draining occurs. Nay, the specified option assists in automatically triggering multiple notifications that constantly show average petrol consumption per vehicle and per time as well as tank fuel levels.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Truck chauffeurs play a significant role in the delivery process. That's because they directly participate in goods or cargo transportation.

driver behavior monitoring

The mentioned feature allows:

  • viewing critical real-time indicators;
  • create complex reports based on comprehensive chauffeur behavior analysis (e.g., fast accelerations, heart rates, rapid braking, etc.);
  • minimizing the vehicles' collision ratio.

So, driver behavior software helps managers care for delivery quality and a driver’s safety. Moreover, the function assists in reducing vehicle repair as well as maintenance expenses.

Route Planning and Monitoring

This option simplifies the procedure of itinerary gliding. Here, managers may find information about roads repaired. Furthermore, such a function assists in searching for the shortest way to a delivery point.

Alarms for Fleets

Our experts note numerous circumstances in which managers should quickly react when something isn't right with cars. In such cases, FMS alarms enable receiving, e.g.:

  • certain area entry and exit alerts;
  • over speed notifications;
  • long idling alerts.

The mentioned software allows notifying different people as well as specifying various alarm levels. For example, users may set a low alert volume to warn a chauffeur and then scale up the alarm to a higher degree if the situation is still unsolved.

Guide on Fleet Management Software Development

fleet management doftware development

Under our team's experience, selecting the right algorithm for app creation is one of the most critical stages of application making. The incorrect development order may be fraught with the software quality decrease. Therefore, our specialists use only checked approaches to app creation.

Defining Key Business Goals

Initially, managers should determine the purposes for FMS creation. So, they have to define the problems needed to deal with. E.g., a fuel management application that will decrease fuel expenses by 15% may be needed. Nay, it may be necessary to enhance chauffeurs' skills, decrease truck damage, etc. A well-formed set of business purposes is needed for coding teams to select the fitting tech stack for the digital product.

Choosing Required Features

Here, managers should define the necessary application's functions. As a part of this stage, they, for example, have to consider their staff skills. This is because the software should be easy-to-use. Otherwise, a company will waste time on the FMS implementation and adaptation.

Choosing the Best Executor for Fleet Management System Development

A few types of performers may create an application for vehicle park control. Each of them has individual pros and cons.

So, entrepreneurs usually do the following things within the FMS creator search process:

  1. Hire freelancers. Such a variant is suitable for those wanting to save costs. But this is the longest way of fleet app development. That's because managers first should find and gather the right professionals, check their skills, etc., in this case. And it's occasionally quite hard for a non-professional to determine a programmer's experience.
  2. Built an in-house team. This development model requires renting an office, purchasing necessary equipment, and so on. Furthermore, business owners have to learn coding team management features to control programmers in this case.
  3. Contact software development agencies. Here, entrepreneurs should only draw up a detailed performance specification. The rest agencies commonly perform by themselves.

The latter option is considered the best choice. That's because, in this case, business owners save a huge amount of time. Also, agencies offer their clients well-managed coding teams, quality assurance, and maintenance of the software they make.

Selecting a Partner for FMS Creation

It's essential for managers to pick a trustworthy company to order the development of a fleet management app. Here, business owners should consider a development company's reputation, check for its official license, as well as study the comments of its former customers on the internet. In addition, entrepreneurs need to overview the coding company experience. E.g., our agency currently maintains the existing applications and develops new software for CDC MustangChain, Tenafy Property, and other huge businesses.

Start of FMS Development

At this stage, the programming team creates software according to the customer's requirements. After that, the application is tested and deployed. Next, developers evaluate the created app quality. Here, the correctness of the software operation is checked, and the detected errors are eliminated. After that, the completed digital product is shown to the client.

MVP Release and New Features Development

Before performing the indicated operations, the client approves the final FMS version. Next, the MVP is launched in the target markets. This is where testing of the whole project takes place. At this step, developers identify the shortcomings of the developed concept and implement the corresponding changes. Programmers make decisions based on user feedback.

Custom Fleet Management Software Development vs. Ready-Made App

Here, the solution should be made considering vehicle park owners' opportunities. Ready-made applications would be a better solution for those having a low budget and little time. However, such apps are unlikely to assist entrepreneurs in standing out from the competition, which is so essential today.

Custom Fleet Management Software Development vs. Ready-Made App

On the other hand, custom app creation excels in development flexibility. Such applications may have any design and number of features, various functions, etc. That's why custom software provides its owners with a huge competitive advantage. Thus, our experts recommend exactly bespoke applications to use. So, contact Requestum to get a qualitative FMS!

Bottom Line

Fleet management software development is a complex process that demands numerous skills. Therefore, contacting coding agencies to get such an app is needed. Trustworthy development companies must have an official license and positive former customer reviews.

Those who desire to improve their competitiveness levels should order custom FMS creation. To get a qualitative custom application for vehicle park control, contact our team! We’ll gladly estimate your project and help select the right development roadmap.



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