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Today, it’s our moment and time to celebrate our own win. We’ve unlocked a new award because of the phenomenal support of our clients. During the inaugural The Manifest Most Reviewed Company Awards, Requestum was officially recognized as one of Ukraine’s best reviewed artificial intelligence development partners for 2022!

“We are very pleased when the efforts that we put into our development and the providing of high service are appreciated by our clients.”

— Dmitry Butyrin, Chief Executive Officer of Requestum

When we started this company a few years ago, we envisioned ourselves playing key roles in helping our clients carry on. We knew we wanted to be the best versions of ourselves to guide them through complex technologies and problems. This perspective we have allowed us to grow, improve, and deliver excellent solutions to brilliant brands from various industries globally.


To give this award further context, The Manifest is a business blog and reviews website that publishes extensive content encompassing the IT, marketing, and business services sectors. For their very first company awards, the platform highlights the incredible partnerships between service providers and their clients. This recognition is massive for us at Requestum. It reflects the amazing bonds and collaborations we’ve had with our marvelous clients. We owe this moment to their generous support over the years. Thank you so much to everyone who believed in Requestum. We are absolutely grateful for every opportunity you’ve provided us with. Congratulations because this award is also for you! Cheers! Transform your business with top-notch solutions. AI isn’t our only strong suit! Find out more about what Requestum can do. Send us a message and let’s talk!